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The University of West Florida’s RN to BSN program prides itself on its ability to strengthen the skills of registered nurses in a way that promotes better success throughout a career. It promotes the need for multicultural learning as well as the aspects of professional writing and communication. In this 32 credit hour, 100% online program, students can gain the skills they need to master the different parts of nursing.

University of West Florida – Online RN to BSN

The Online RN to BSN program at the University of West Florida covers the topics of diversity and communication in nursing as well as new-age nursing ideas and practice. In addition to the expansive curriculum, this program also envelopes the need for flexibility and convenience in the busy lives of nurses, so that students can advance their degree without worrying time constraints and obnoxious course requirements.

This 100% online RN to BSN program has clear stipulations that can easily be met by the everyday busy nurse. UWF provides ample information on their website regarding costs, accreditation and course requirements for this major.

Below we will show some of the highlights of the University of West Florida Online RN to BSN program. Use the quick links below to jump to a section.

Cost of the UWF Online RN to BSN program

The total costs of the RN to BSN program at UWF is $9,028. This is the costs for the nursing curriculum individually and does not include the costs of additional courses, if needed. Fees and other associated costs, such as books are not included in the initial quote.

Courses that are needed aside from the standard nursing curriculum are assessed at a rate of $282.13 per credit hour. At the time of application, students must include a $30 application fee along with their previous transcripts.

There is also an online fee that is $16.50 per credit hour. Since this is a 32 credit hour program, students can expect to pay $528 in total online fees for the nursing program only. Proper financial planning for this degree program is recommended for students that are interested in taking part in this educational program.

Financial aid may also be available to students that qualify.

Length of the UWF Online RN to BSN Program

The University of West Florida states that students can potentially complete this program in as little as 12 months. This time frame was estimated on the basis that all general education and prerequisite courses in nursing have been satisfied.

Some courses at this university may be available to take concurrently with the nursing courses, but students should research these requirements to get a firm time frame for program completion.

Each course in the nursing program lasts 7 weeks and should be taken consecutively to get the quickest completion. The time required for graduation may be increased if more courses are needed in addition to the nursing requirements.

UWF RN to BSN Program accreditation

A university’s accreditation should be one of the first aspects that a student reviews. In order to be accredited, programs must meet specific guidelines set forth by accrediting agencies. When a program is accredited, it means that the information provided is important to the field, provides the knowledge required of professionals in the field and is respected among employers.

UWF’s RN to BSN program is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. The CCNE prides itself on its commitment to ensuring reliable nursing programs that contribute to better public health. Created in 1996, the CCNE currently has 2 decades of experience as an accrediting agency and is recognized by national educational authorities. Accreditation provides nursing programs with the assurance of acceptance from employers and excellent quality in nursing education.

When Can you Enroll in UWF RN to BSN Classes

The best time for registered nurses to enroll in an RN to BSN program is immediately. The lifestyle of a nurse is usually fast-paced, leaving little time for extensive waits. Programs that are best suited for busy professionals have multiple start dates and broad course availability.

UWF designed their online RN to BSN programs with these professionals in mind. Online programs typically have more registration availability than standard in-class programs.

The University of West Florida currently has 5 start dates per year – 2 in fall and spring and 1 in the summer. This added benefit provides prospective students with the freedom to enter into the program any time of year. Courses required in the nursing program are available in every semester, which makes flexible scheduling an easy feat for nurses that require unusual schedules.

What Courses are Required for the Online RN to BSN Program?

Students that enter into this program are required to have completed general education requirements for the University of West Florida or be in progress of completing them. The general education requirements set forth by this school can be compared with previously completed courses and considered for credit towards completion of this program.

Meeting with the office of admissions can ensure that students get credit for previously taken courses, especially when the courses were not taken at this university previously.

What are the Clinical Requirements to Graduate from the UWF RN to BSN Online Program?

There are currently no clinical requirements for this RN to BSN program. The program itself is 100% online.

List of Other University of West Florida Online Nursing Programs

The University of West Florida offers 2 nursing programs online. The first is the RN to BSN program discussed throughout this article and the second is a Master of Science in Nursing Online. For students that are seeking to move even further in their nursing degree, a master’s degree is the next step.

Master of Science in Nursing Online – Estimated 24 month program – 39 credit hours – Tuition $16,575