University of North Florida Online RN to BSN

The University of North Florida furnishes students with a CCNE accredited RN to BSN program. This program is packed with the information required for registered nurses to become qualified and knowledgeable bachelor’s level experts. The changing requirements for nurses have made it truly worthwhile to have the best degree possible.

With the added convenience of online learning, students are finding degree programs such as this one as the key to success in the field of nursing. As the stipulations for nursing professionals change, universities such as the University of North Florida have adapted to make the transition to higher learning as easy and flexible as possible.

Below we will show some of the highlights of the RN to BSN program. Use the quick links below to jump to a section.

Cost of the Online RN to BSN program

Costs associated with the RN to BSN program are outlined clearly by the UNF. Standard non-partnered tuition is stated as $8,550 with additional fees also required. Courses are typically worth 3 credit hours a piece at a rate of $285 per credit hour.

The University of North Florida offers a discounted rate to interested applicants that are currently employed with partnering schools or healthcare facilities. Students that potentially qualify for these discounts should contain the enrollment division at UNF for further details on qualification.

There are no fees listed on the school’s website, so questions about these should also be directed to this school’s office of financial aid or admissions.

Length of the RN to BSN Program

This RN to BSN advancement program can be completed in as little as 12 months. For busy professionals, there is a strong need for speed and flexibility when considering a degree program.

The length of the program can vary individually, since some students may require additional prerequisite completions or more expansive scheduling. Depending on a student’s individual needs, the program can be completed quickly or can be spread out to allow time for busy schedules and personal responsibilities.

The courses within the nursing curriculum range from 1-4 credit hours each. These courses are best taken one after another to ensure that student’s receive knowledge in a preferred order. Some courses require being taken in sequence, to properly administer the information in a way that complements previously learned material.

RN to BSN Program Accreditation

The RN to BSN program at the University of North Florida is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. This accrediting agency is highly regarded across the United States as an accurate and reliable source of educational accreditation. This agency itself is recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education as a certified accreditation organization.

The importance of accreditation in online learning spreads not only to the accuracy of the curriculum but also to the acceptance of the completed degree by employers in the future.

When Can you Enroll in RN to BSN Classes

When it comes to how important convenience is for RNs, UNF has it covered. The university allows for scheduling any time of year at a rate that is complementary to what busy professionals truly need. UNF provides 5 different start dates for the RN to BSN program. There are currently 2 start dates in spring and fall semesters and 1 in the summer.

The numerous start dates provide applicants with the opportunity to start as soon as possible without having to lie stagnant through an unnerving wait list. The rate at which a student wishes to take courses is also an added benefit to choosing this university. The core nursing requirements are available for registration during each half semester.

This makes it even easier for busy students to begin this degree program and progress through without a hitch. The university does have some requirements that applicants should make note of prior to filing a formal application. Interested students should have a nursing degree that was obtained from a nationally accredited university.

The applicant should also have an active nursing license and a minimum undergraduate grade point average of 2.8.

What Courses are Required for the RN to BSN Program?

The 30 credit hour core nursing courses for this degree program will be listed below. This university also has a 27 credit hour prerequisite course requirement that is needed in order to successfully graduate with a bachelor’s degree through their institution.

Since bachelor’s degree requirements require a standard of 120 completed hours, the University of North Florida awards 30 hours of validation credit in the student’s final semester after successfully proving their knowledge through the completion of the NCLEX/licensure exam.

What are the Clinical Requirements to Graduate from the RN to BSN Program?

Near the end of the program, students will partake in the Community Partnerships and Nursing Practice course through the university. At this point, students are required to take part in partnering with the community to plan and implement interventions that are beneficial to community health.

During this portion of the degree program, students will work in an approved clinical environment to test the skills they have learned throughout the program thus far.

List of Other Online Nursing Programs

The RN to BSN program is not the only nursing program available online through the University of North Florida. The university also provides a Doctorate of Nursing Practice Online for those that are interested in going even farther on their journey to a higher nursing degree.

Doctorate of Nursing Practice Online: Estimated 24 month program – 48 credit hours – Tuition $25,116