Kansas RN to BSN Programs

Search the top Kansas RN to BSN Programs. Our comprehensive guide includes detailed information on becoming a Registered Nurse and degree requirements and details on Kansas RN to BSN Programs.

✚ Kansas Board of Nursing: KS BON
School Level Program Admissions
University of Texas Permian Basin CCNE Accredited Online RN to BSN Website
University of West Florida CCNE Accredited RN to BSN Website
Campbellsville University ACEN Accredited RN to BSN Website
Sacred Heart University CCNE Accredited RN-BSN - RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing Website
Illinois College CCNE Accredited RN to BSN Website
Alvernia University CCNE Accredited RN to BSN Website
Concordia University - Saint Paul CCNE Accredited RN to BSN Website
King University Accredited BS in Nursing (RN-to-BSN) Website
Notre Dame College CCNE Accredited RN to BSN Website

Comprehensive List of Registered Nurse Programs in Kansas

Kansas’ population is 2.8 million strong. Kansas is seeing many areas both within Kansas City and the suburbs around it have seen Google Fiber be built in giving way to a lot of thriving new businesses. Healthcare is one of the industries seeing many changes occur within the state of Kansas which lends to an exciting time to further the level of your degree.

For a state that has relied heavily on agriculture over the years, Kansas is growing into quite the medical giant. Working in the medical field in Kansas is a preferred career path for many. Those in this field may have strong feelings around job stability in the future and get to experience the satisfaction of helping people that suffer from illness or injury. The field of nursing is a part of the medical field that brings everyone together. Supporting doctors, helping patients, and administering important tests, nurses are the brains of hospitals and medical facilities.

Kansas Nursing and RN to BSN Programs

Without nurses, it would be impossible to care for the large numbers of patients that enter for care each day. Whenever nurses feel the need to further their advancement in their careers, an RN to BSN program may be the answer. These programs provide extensive information in science and social aspects of nursing that contribute to better nursing professionals. By taking part in this type of degree programs, nurses will set themselves on a path for success.

Kansas offers a number of different degree programs for current nurses to choose from. These degree programs accept current registered nurses that want to jump right into a curriculum that applies directly to the field of nursing.

Benefits of a BSN

There are many benefits to furthering a degree in nursing. Nurses will find that the field they work in is highly competitive. New nurses are graduating each year at a high rate, making the potential for growth in the field lower than usual. In order to stand out among all of the current nurses, many professionals believe they must have something to make them stand out as a job candidate. With a higher degree, nurses can prove that they have what it takes to be the most effective individual for the job.

Along with the promotional benefit, nurses at the bachelor’s level will find that there is also potential changes to their earnings by furthering their degree level. Nurses working at a bachelor’s degree level can earn $72,700 per year on average while working in Kansas (source). These benefits come together to make this a truly great choice for those currently working in the field of nursing. Finding out the right school to attend is the first step in gaining your BSN degree. Seeking out an accredited university in the state of Kansas will have you make decisions on private versus public, for-profit or non-profit, and what BSN syllabus works best for you. Completing an RN to BSN program could potentially provide you with what it takes to embark on a new level of professional advancement.