Florida RN to BSN Programs

Search the top Florida RN to BSN Programs. Our comprehensive guide includes detailed information on becoming a Registered Nurse and degree requirements and details on Florida RN to BSN Programs.

✚ Florida Board of Nursing: FL BON
School Level Program Admissions
University of West Florida CCNE Accredited RN to BSN Website
California State University San Marcos 14-Month Duration Online ADN/RN to BS in Nursing Website
University of Texas Permian Basin CCNE Accredited Online RN to BSN Website
Campbellsville University ACEN Accredited RN to BSN Website
Sacred Heart University CCNE Accredited RN-BSN - RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing Website
Alvernia University CCNE Accredited RN to BSN Website
King University Accredited BS in Nursing (RN-to-BSN) Website
Utica University CCNE Accredited RN to Bachelor of Science Website

A Comprehensive list of all Nursing Programs in the state of Florida

florida sealKeeping up with the fast-changing world is sometimes a daunting task and that belief carries over to healthcare education (specifically nursing). As Florida continues to see their requirements, procedures, and approaches within nursing change, it is important for nurses to continue their growth of knowledge.

However, for those wanting to increase the quality of their degree program, there is no better time than the present. The state of Florida flaunts its 18.8 million residents with pride. This is a state which draws in millions of people every year to see its famous sites and beautiful beaches. In an area that is so dense with residents and visitors, nurses are a common necessity.

Nursing Program Standards for Florida BSNs

In recent years, the standards for nurses have changed. Registered nurses can find great career options with an associate’s degrees but could be seeing a trend of employers wanting another level of degree. In recent years the requirements of some employers have risen to a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.

Individuals that are already registered nurses can take part in one of Florida’s 29 RN to BSN programs to obtain a bachelor’s degree with the convenience of full-time work. With Florida having that many BSN programs, it is important to research which ones make the best fit for your desired outcome as well as match up with what you’ve already completed from an education standpoint.

These programs were created in order to assist current RNs with getting a higher degree in their specialty. They are designed to complement a busy working schedule, without pulling the individual too far away from personal time as well. RN to BSN programs provide additional, useful information for students, contributing to their overall knowledge in the field of nursing.

Career Expectations for Florida BSNs

Nursing can be a field that provides well for its professionals. As a bachelor’s level nurse in Florida, workers can earn $62,720 per year on average (source). That same source shows the median annual salary being $69,790 for the US but you should also consider the cost of living in certain parts of Florida.

Major metropolitan areas like Miami or Tampa could see a much different cost of living compared to some of the smaller cities in Florida. So don’t be disheartened with Florida being under that national average. With such a competitive wage range, nursing has grown to be one of the most popular fields to work in the country. Those wanting to move forward with their degree program will not be left disappointed by the results.

Holding a bachelor’s level degree from one of Florida’s accredited universities will prove to be a successful tactic for those in the nursing field. Providing assistance in healthcare settings is a career choice that takes courage and heart. Those that have what it takes to make a career in nursing own it to themselves to take part in these excellent educational programs that are destined to pay off once completed. As a current professional in the nursing field, those seeking a more meaningful degree to match the important job that they do will find comfort in the programs throughout the state of Florida.