Highest Paid BSN Nursing Jobs

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Nursing is an extremely diverse field that has a fit for nearly every personality. When it comes to financial capability, there are many common organizations and health care facilities that are in the running for the highest paying overall. Our experts reviewed the Bureau of Labor Statistics for the highest paying nursing jobs reviewed each position, and compiled the top 7 highest paying nursing jobs for those with their RN license and presumably in many cases, their Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. Take a look below at the top paid jobs for BSN nurses throughout the United States.

Registered Nurses at Specialty Hospitals

Average Salary: $76,310 on average per year (BLS)
Workplace: Private, state, local government hospitals
Typical Degree: BSN with a RN license

What Does a Registered Nurse at a Specialty Hospital Do?

Nurses at the Bachelor’s level that have found a career working for a specialty hospitals are likely in the best spot for their degree level. The BLS reports that the highest paid nurses on average work in hospitals that focus on specific health conditions or populations as their main subject of service (2015). Cancer centers, cardiac centers, and pulmonary specialty hospitals are just a few examples of clinics that require specialty nurses in order to effectively treat patients. Nurses that choose to work in these types of medical facilities may find that complex, but special care is needed for patients that suffer from specific illnesses. Unlike medical/surgical hospitals or clinics, those working this specialty fields may not see such a diverse set of patients each day. When dealing with a specific illness or genre of people, the work may be more repetitive or predictable than other nursing environments.

RN’s at Outpatient Care Services

Average Salary: $73,620 on average per year (BLS)
Workplace: Outpatient healthcare facilities
Typical Degree: BSN with a RN license

What Does a Registered Nurse Specializing in Outpatient Services Do?

Outpatient care services provide a variety of services to patients that require minimally invasive surgeries or procedures that do not require a lengthy hospital stay. Nurses that work in this field are responsible for the intake of patients, preparation of patients for surgery or procedures, and discharging patients the same day. Nurse may also take part in the actual procedure process depending on the facility. Outpatient care nurses are important to a steady flow in these work environments, and provide physicians and surgeons with peace of mind when managing large numbers of patients daily. This line of nursing is great for nurses with great organizational skills and a good work ethic.

RN’s at Medical/Surgical Hospitals

Average Salary: $72,980 on average per year (BLS)
Workplace: Hospitals, surgical centers
Typical Degree: BSN with a RN license

What Does a Medical Surgical RN Do?

As the most popular location for nurses in the United States, general medical and surgical hospitals are also some of the best paying entities for nurses. Facilities such as these are important to patients that have suffered a traumatic injury or are suffering from a serious illness. General medical and surgical hospitals require a large number of nurses to care for the patients that are seen each day. Hospitals such as these use nurses for charting in patients and preparing them for treatments or surgeries, as well as the care of patients during their stay. In these scenarios, patients are more likely to have extended hospital stays, which require nurses to provide more nurturing care to patients overall a longer period of time. Nurses in this field are more likely to have more responsibility than nurses in higher paying positions, but work is often more commonly available.

RN’s for Home Health Care Services

Average Salary: $68,510 on average per year (BLS)
Workplace: In patient homes
Typical Degree: BSN with a RN license

What Does a Home Health Care Registered Nurse Do?

Home health care is one of the oldest forms of nursing available. In this field, nurses visit patients that are homebound for reasons of illness or injury. By providing standard health care services such as health checks, blood tests, and medicinal treatment, home health nurses are highly appreciated by patients that are unable to visit hospitals or clinics on a regular basis. Depending on the location, home health nurses may be more sought after than not, so the pay range can vary greatly. A nurse’s primary responsibility in this line of work is providing mobile care to patients that are unable to leave home and require prompt medical care.

Psychiatric / Substance Abuse RN’s

Average Salary: $67,580 on average per year (BLS)
Workplace: Psychiatric facilities, hospitals
Typical Degree: BSN with a RN license

What Does a Psychiatric / Substance Abuse RN Do?

Nurses that specialize in the care of psychiatric patients or those suffering from substance abuse issues are providing a service to their patients and the community. In this field, nurses are subjected to more than just standard medical ailments. This specialty requires a lot of dedication and patience in order to effectively help the patients suffering from mental illnesses and addiction. The environment in this line of work can be very unpredictable and may require outside resources from local agencies on a regular basis. Psychiatric nurses specifically may be required to work with outside agencies to provide community integration plans for patients that suffer from serious mental illness. Substance abuse nurses are also required to follow strict protocols, specifically with medicinal treatments of patients, to ensure that patients are following their recovery programs guidelines for success. Although there are many requirements for each of this field, it is a popular field for nurses across the country.This option is great for nurses that have an interest in the psychological properties of health care in relation to general nursing.

RN’s at Physician’s Offices

Average Salary: $65,350 on average per year (BLS)
Workplace: Outpatient Physician’s offices, private practices
Typical Degree: BSN with a RN license

What Does a Registered Nurses at a Physician’s Office Do?

Physician’s employ nurses to assist with keeping their offices running smoothly. In order for a doctor to see multiple patients a day, it is necessary to have a capable staff of nurses to help with intake of patients, vitals collection, medicinal administration, and providing minor medical procedures in the office. Nurses that find employment in physician’s offices often become familiar with regular patients and are able to build close relationships with them. This provides the opportunity for a more personal method of care that can contribute greatly to individual health. This setting usually has a slower pace than that of hospitals or clinics, so this field is excellent for nurses that are interested in a more relaxed work environment.

Registered Nurses at Skilled Nursing Facilities

Average Salary: $63,490 on average per year (BLS)
Workplace: Skilled nursing facilities, senior living homes
Typical Degree: BSN with a RN license

What Does a Registered Nurses at a Skilled Nursing Facility Do?

Skilled nursing facilities have a similar layout to traditional nursing homes or nursing and rehabilitation centers, but with more specialized and skilled care. The primary focus of nurses within this profession is to help aging adults or individuals with debilitating illness or injuries get back on their feet. Whether it is a traumatic injury from a car accident or healing from a serious lung infection, nurses in this field have the skills necessary to nurse patients back to good health. Individuals that work in this field have the potential to have a career that not only provides well financially, but also gives them a feeling of accomplishment overall.