Grand Canyon University RN to BSN

Grand Canyon University RN to BSN ProgramGrand Canyon University is a for-profit Christian university. Physically located in Phoenix, Arizona, Grand Canyon University, or GCU, offers a 100% online RN to BSN degree. To complete the program and received your Bachelor of Science in Nursing, you should first begin by looking at what credits you already have that could potentially transfer towards their RN to BSN program. You can potentially take over 90 credits which can shorten your completion time of the degree.

Grand Canyon University’s RN to BSN program aims to help registered nurses increase the level of their clinical healthcare knowledge. The program’s curriculum aims to try and highlight the knowledge most registered nurses possess and maximize that through their BSN program. You’ll experience courses that touch on different patient care theories, strategies in health management, and even look at nursing leadership theories. The aim of this knowledge growth is so that when you complete the program you are able to take on new duties in your current hospital role (or whichever career path in healthcare) while understanding healthcare structure better.

The BSN program at Grand Canyon is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) and according to their site tries to pair their program standards to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. Each state is different for their degree requirements though so we encourage you to look at required accredidation to make sure the Grand Canyon BSN program will suffice for your needs.

Tuition Cost and Expected BSN Program Completion Time

Grand Canyon University offers dynamic tuition cost based on the type of student you are. As we’re talking about the online RN to BSN program, the average per credit cost is $470. If you believe that achieving your BSN degree is a stepping stone to achieving a graduate level degree, you should also research the average per credit cost of that too ($500 for various online nursing programs).

It should be noted that whle the total degree requirements is 120 credits, the cost can vary from student to student based on things like transfer credits and specific state requirements. Grand Canyon offers a degree counselor to help walk you through your specific state requirements which is encouraged. If you’re able to bring in the full 90 transfer credits into the BSN program, it will have dramatic affects on the total tuition cost you might expect.

Grand Canyon Program Length

Just like the tuition cost can vary (depending on the amount of transfer credits you have) the program length may also vary. While the GCU RN to BSN program page says that online courses are generally 5 weeks, they also say that courses like College Mathematics (MAT-144) typically require 7 weeks. You will need to do research into your transfer credits and if you will run into any of these courses that extend past the general 5 week guideline that Grand Canyon places on the RN to BSN program.

As this is about the online program, it is important to note that Grand Canyon offers flexibility in the timing you decide to complete courses and the program itself. Your ability to take on the courses in a timely manner will aslo have an affect on how long the course is. We recommend speaking to a school advisor to work out how long you can expect to see your program last.

Potential Career Options

It should be noted that there is not a guarantee that every graduate of the RN to BSN program is guaranteed a new job or even employment for that matter. However, as you hopefully progress in your nursing career, you might expect to see some of these nursing jobs as possibilities (this will also vary depending on your specific state requirements):

  • Case Managers: For some, completing an RN to BSN program might help them gain a more “administrative” position with a more regular schedule and work hours. Case Managers might not see any bedside care and almost experience more of an office job out of it.
  • Nurse Recruiter: This is another interesting potential role for BSN grads because it deals more in going to job fairs and trying to recruit new nurses to work at your healthcare facility. You will have to not only have a strong nursing knowledge base but be able to evaluate candidates too (as your professional judgment is being exhibited daily).
  • Research Nurse: Whether it be private pharmaceutical firms or government research being conducted, many trials will see human subjects as a part of their testing. Research nurses need to be well versed and experienced with emergency situation responses and be able to work with people that are being treated as test subjects.

These are only a few career paths you might potentially aim for once completing your RN to BSN program and Grand Canyon University. Each role is different and so is each company. Many roles will require a BSN degree but also want certain years of experience out of their job candidates. Do your research to see what else you might need to gain in tandem with your BSN degree for certain career paths.

Curriculum You Might Expect at Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon University does a good job of breaking down the different nursing knowledge curriculum and what you will learn in their program. You might expect to learn about various ways and methods to ascertain a family medical history which can be a common challenge in nursing (and is often crucial for correct diagnosis). You might also learn about various nursing leadership theories like transformational leadership which looks at things like patient safety and avoiding medical error. Applying these kinds of leadership theories to the nursing/healthcare environment can help in your everyday interactions with coworkers and patients.

You might also expect to hear and analyze various healthcare related data and statistics in the Grand Canyon RN to BSN program. They will likely take data compiled from the healthcare industry and develop theories or practical application in a clinical setting.

Grand Canyon University offers an exciting and insightful RN to BSN program. It’s important that you conduct research specific to your state requirements and desired future career requirements before taking the leap. Contacting a Grand Canyon University enrollment specialist might help aid in this process. Enjoy your exciting new academic path and where it might take you!