University of Phoenix RN to BSN

University of Phoenix is a for-profit university with multiple campuses nationwide.

university of phoenix logoCost: Their website lists costs between $33,800 and $62,440.  They list such a wide range because some students will need to take more credits than others.  The total number of credits is 47 and each credit costs $510 for a total of $23,970, then add on $95 per course for an electronics fee bringing the new total to $28,435.  Of course, there are additional costs for books and programs not listed so their website estimate is probably not too far off.

Time to Completion: According to their website 91% of students completed the program within 50 months

Start Date(s): ?

Clinical Requirement: Yes, the final course “Senior Practicum: Leadership and Management” is a 7-week course with 25 hours of clinical experience

Accredited?: CCNE

University of Phoenix offers the RN to BSN program 100% online.

Additionally, University of Phoenix offers an MSN program and a DPN program.

Linfield College RN to BSN

Linfield College is a private university located in McMinnville, Oregonlinfield logo

Cost: $435 per Semester credit, $50-$150 per course fee, $525 Credit for Prior Learning fee, other fees and books $360.  A minimum of 30 semester credits must be taken at Linfield College if this is your first Bachelor’s Degree.  A minimum of 35 semester credits must be taken if this is your second Bachelor’s Degree.

Total Cost (Approximate Minimum): $435 * 30 = $13,050 +$50 (course fee) + $525 + $360 = $13,985    If this is your second Bachelor’s Degree, add $2,175 for a total of $16,160

Time to Completion: Part-time and Full-time available.  From 12-18 months

Start Date(s): Each fall

Clinical required?: Yes, may be arraigned in any state you hold an RN license.  They will help you choose a clinical placement site.  The clinical requirement is equal to one semester

CCNE accredited

100% online RN to BSN


Oregon Health & Science University – OHSU

Oregon Health and Science University is a top-ranked public university https://www.rn2bsnprograms.comwith its main nursing campus located in Portland, Oregon.  OHSU offers many different options for completing your RN, transitioning from RN to BSN, or pursuing  a graduate degree.  Below you will find information regarding, the online RN to BSN program. 

This program is completely online except for a 2 day intensive conference and the clinical practicum portion.  The online RN to BSN program can be completed part-time or full-time.  There are 33 required courses for the program, unless you are not a graduate from an OCNE school in which case there are 6 additional OCNE transition courses.

*The online RN to BSN program is only available to residents of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, or California.

Cost: The RN to BSN program costs $422 per credit and there are 39 credits if you are not a graduate from an OCNE school.  This works out to $16,458 for tuition.  If you are an OCNE graduate, the tuition cost drops to $13,926.  There is also a one-time technology fee, a one-time background investigation fee and a drug screen fee.  Contact OHSU regarding current pricing on these fees.  Finally, there is a $120 application fee.  For a tuition breakdown for all nursing programs, click here.

Total Cost: $16,578 for non-OCNE graduates, or $14,046 for OCNE graduates.  These costs do not include the above mentioned fees or the cost of books.

Time to Completion: 1 year minimum if full-time, part-time can take as long as needed, but all course work must be completed within 5 years

Start Date(s): Spring and Fall

Clinical Requirement: 2 terms of clinical practicum.  Additionally, there is a required 2 day intensive during NRS 410

Accredited: CCNE, NWCCU