Arkansas State University RN to BSN

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The Arkansas State University RN to BSN program provides learners with the chance to advance their degree 100% online. With costs that are comparable to most online degree advancement programs, students receive a profitable degree change that can contribute to a more fulfilling career in the health care industry.

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Arkansas State University Online RN to BSN

In as little as a year, registered nurses can open doors to more opportunity and shut the door on concerns about having the most preferred degree in their field. This degree programs offers students the advantage of increasing their knowledge in the field of nursing, strengthen skills in management and leadership and change outlooks on research and critical thinking in a way that provides for a more promising foundation in a health care setting.

Arkansas State University is dedicated to providing their learners with a reliable education that can contribute to more success in the future. Students are encouraged to take the time to review the prerequisite course requirements for this degree program prior to enrolling.

Below we will show some of the highlights of the RN to BSN program. Use the quick links below to jump to a section.

Cost of the Arkansas State University Online RN to BSN program

At Arkansas State University, general tuition fees begin at a flat rate of $233 per credit hour. The majority of courses required for this major are 3 credit hours each, making each course $699.

The standard requirement for graduation from this requirement is 36 credit hours, which adds up to $8,388 for the entire program. Since this degree program advances previously earned RN degrees to bachelor’s level, the cost of tuition as a whole is likely to vary accordingly depending on the student enrolled. If students require additional course work in pre-nursing or other prerequisites, the cost will differ from the standard fee.

Course requirements for this degree program may allow for credit for previous courses or require additional coursework to be completed prior to completion of the program. Students should carefully examine the prerequisite requirements in comparison to their previous completed courses prior to financially planning for this degree program.

Length of the ASU Online RN to BSN Program

Arkansas State University’s RN to BSN program can be completed in as little as 12 months if students take nursing courses consecutively throughout the program.

The online program has been mastered to allow students to engage in one course at a time, so that the most effort is obtained during this time frame. Co-requisite courses can be taken at the same time as nursing courses, if applicable.

Each course lasts 7 weeks, which is moderately shorter than typical educational courses. The university encourages students to take courses in sequence in order to complete the program in the smallest time frame. However, since this degree program was originally designed for busy professionals, it allows for students to take courses at their own pace, which could extend the length of the program overall.

Arkansas State University Online RN to BSN Program Accreditation

The RN to BSN program at this university is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing. The ACEN is recognized as an accrediting body by the United States Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. This is one of the leading nursing accreditation divisions in the country, which adds to the validity and integrity of this program.

Accreditation is an important aspect of online degree programs and can be viewed by visiting the school’s website.

When Can you Enroll in RN to BSN Classes at Arkansas State University

There are 12 courses required for this degree program. At the beginning of each semester, 6 of the 12 required become available for registration. The remaining 6 courses are available in the second half of each semester. That makes all courses available for registration each semester.

Students can enter into the program in any semester and take courses in sequence or at their own pace without having to worry about course availability. Enrollment deadlines are listed prominently on this school’s website, making it easy for students to stay up to date with upcoming classes and start dates. With the availability of courses so widespread throughout the year, there is very little wait involved in joining this degree program.

What Courses are Required for the ASU Online RN to BSN Program?

There are a total of 12 courses required for completion of this degree program. These 12 courses do not include any prerequisite courses that students may be required to take in addition to the core classes. The 12 courses listed are nursing-focused and are 3 credit hours per course.

Prerequisite requirements for this degree program include courses such as Anatomy and Physiology I and II, College Algebra and other social science and art classes that may have been taken in previous degree programs. All prerequisite courses may not be available for registration online, so students should carefully review these requirements prior to applying.

Co-requisite courses are available to students that require additional courses that were not taken previously. The university allows students to take these courses alongside nursing core courses so that extra time is not required for their completion. Getting credit for similar or previously taken courses can be negotiated through contact with the school’s admissions department.

Arkansas State University Online also offers upcoming students a helpful course transfer tool which allows students to pre-determine if previously taken courses can be counted as credit towards the degree program.

What are the Clinical Requirements to Graduate from the ASU RN to BSN Program?

The RN to BSN program at Arkansas State University does not currently have a clinical requirement for students in this program. The university allows students to complete this degree program 100% online.

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List of Other Online Nursing Programs

The RN to BSN program at Arkansas State University is currently the only online nursing program available.